The Global South Initiative

Welcome to the website of the Global South Initiative, an internal project of OM.

OM's Global South Initiative (or "GSI") supports the development of financially sustainable Global South fields and OM workers, contributing to OM's goal of seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

We do this by providing financial and consulting support, training, and coaching for income-generating business-as-mission ventures and bi-vocational missionaries.

Pursuing New Mission Models

The church in the Global South is flourishing and growing faster than the church in the Global North (click here for a definition of "Global South"). About 78% of the world's evangelical Christians live in the Global South today, up from 29% in 1960.

GSI is committed to seeing many more financially sustainable and fruitful Global South OM workers sent to the least reached.

Mission is no longer "From the West to the Rest", but "From Everywhere to Everywhere". What needs to change in order for Global South Christians to be involved in cross-cultural missions in their full strength and numbers?

With the support of generous donors, GSI was formed by OM to tackle these challenges. GSI supports and funds OM projects that lead to financial sustainability, and also facilitates business consultancy, business training and vocational training for OM fields. In addition, GSI has funded the development of Global South leaders and supported a review of OM's organizational culture and structures to ensure that Global South workers can thrive in OM. Click here for more information about us.

E-book available

Our E-book, Pursuing New Mission Models is a great new resource providing an introduction to our Global South Initiative - it explains why we started the project, what we've learned and where we're going next.

How to Partner with GSI

We invite all who share our vision to equip and support the Global South mission movement to act and reflect with us. Do contact us if you would like to partner with us.

If you are a Global South OM Field or worker, and have ideas for financial sustainability - whether field-run medium-sized businesses, small businesses for missionary families, or vocational training for missionaries - and would like to apply to GSI for funding, business consultancy services or training, click here.
For OM-ers, sign into Yammer using your OM login and join the "Global South Initiative" chat group.

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