The Global South Initiative

Welcome to the website of the Global South Initiative (or GSI), a project of OM International.

New Video on GSI's Small Business Program

We have a new video out on our key strategy of equipping OM-ers in Africa to do small business for mission and for sustainability

Our Vision

is to see the missional potential of the global south church released among the least reached.

Our Desired Impact

7,000 new global south missionaries serving among the least reached by 2025.

The Opportunity

The church in the global south is growing faster than the church in the global north. According to Operation World, by 2020, 80% of the world's evangelical Christians will live in the global south. 

This is the largest pool of unmobilised missionaries in the worldwide church and could dramatically increase Christian witness to the least reached. These believers have the advantages of cultural, linguistic and physical closeness to the least reached. Many of them are young, passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known, and want the blessing of being a sending church rather than only a "receiving" church.

Our Strategy

is to address what we see as the biggest issues in global south missionary sending:

Financial Sustainability:

  • Innovating sustainable missionary sending models. These include small businesses-as-mission, vocational missionaries (farmers, teachers, skilled trades), and sending professionals.
  • Providing financial planning and biblical generosity training to global south OM-ers and churches, to empower them to support missionaries and mission work.

Capacity Building:

  • Helping global south OM-ers in support roles get further skills training (e.g., in finance, administration, personnel management) which would benefit them in their current roles and also bless them with skills that could be used when they serve God in other contexts.
  • Exploring regional and global partnerships which give OM global south fields access to expertise in administration


  • Helping OM fields develop relationships with global south Christian businesses and professionals to challenge them to pray, give, and go.

Be part of the work of GSI!

We invite all who share our vision to share in our work (see the About page for more about what we do). Contact us at if you would like to:

  • Partner us in running businesses-as-mission in the global south
  • Coach global south OM-ers who are running businesses-as-mission
  • Contribute your resources to our work, whether financial resources, capacity, or expertise

If you are an OM-er, click here to see how GSI can work with you. 

For OM-ers, sign into Yammer using your OM login and join the "Global South Initiative" chat group.

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