GSI's Beginnings

With the desire to see the potentially huge mission force from the Global South* enabled and unleashed, the Global South Initiative of OM was launched in July 2013. The project vision was to see OM grow in its capacity to reach the least reached by building up the effectiveness and sustainability of our Global South fields and workers.

GSI sought to achieve its aims by supporting the following:

  1. Financial sustainability for Global South missionaries.
  2. Development of Global South leaders within OM.
  3. Reviewing OM's structures and culture, and making adjustments to better fit Global South Christians.

From 2016, leadership development and organizational review (points 2 and 3 above) will be taken forward by OM's international leadership.

* For OM's purposes, "Global South" refers to Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia (excluding Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore). The term "Global South" is used (by the UN, for instance) to refer to the countries that used to be called "Developing Nations".

GSI Version 2.0

GSI is now focusing exclusively on Global South missionary financial sustainability.

We aim to see by 2025:
  • 40 Global South fields funding 75% of their overhead expenses through business activities.
  • 20 fields training vocational missionaries, enabling 400 Global South missionaries to be financially sustainable.

GSI Team Values

Living out of Relationship with God
Being Agents of Change

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of GSI is responsible for reviewing and approving grant applications. It also oversees the strategy and overall direction of the Initiative. The Committee comprises:
Lawrence Tong, OM International Director
Peter Tarantal, OM Associate International Director
Su-Ling Ng, OM Associate International Director
Roberto Facanha, Latin America Area Leader
Matthew Skirton, UK Field Leader
Mike Stein, USA Financial Development

Project Team

The international GSI Project Team is led by Heather Brook, the GSI Project Director, and includes Rick Iles, Seang-Pin Saw, Abdul Bundu Conteh, and Brian Mutarwa.

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