OM's Global South Initiative

The Challenge

2.8 billion people with no access to a meaningful gospel witness and this number growing daily by 58,000

The Opportunity

The church in the global south (Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and much of Asia. Click here for a full definition) is growing fast. By 2030, 80% of the world's Christians will come from the global south. 

This is the largest pool of unmobilised missionaries in the worldwide church and could dramatically increase Christian witness to the least reached.

Our Strategy

Financial Sustainability for missionaries:

  • Sending more global south missionaries sustainably, with small businesses-as-mission, with vocations (e.g., farming, skilled trades), or as professionals (e.g, teachers, healthcare workers), by training them and providing financial assistance
  • Financial planning and biblical generosity training for the global south church, empowering them to send

Capacity building for global south centres:

  • Helping OM-ers in OM's global south offices upgrade their skills and expertise, e.g., in financial management, administration, personnel management

Mobilisation of the whole global south church:

  • Helping OM fields develop relationships with global south Christian businesses and professionals to challenge them to pray, give, and go

See the About page for more about what we do.

Partnering with OM Fields

If you are an OM Field or an OM-er, click here to see how GSI can work with you. 

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