Economic issues rank high on the agenda for much of the world today. For good or ill, commercial priorities and the behavior of business leaders are shaping global events, in some notable cases far beyond the capacity of traditional centers of influence, such as governments,...
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GSI is co-leading a Business-as-Mission Missions Agency Workgroup. In conjunction with this, Heather recently attended a conference organized by our partner BAM Global Network. Here are her observations and insights:...
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"Revelation-Based" Planning

Some Christians believe there is no need to plan. If it is God's will, the doors will open, resources will fall into place, and everything will work out perfectly. But in the Bible, God makes plans and so do God's people....
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Work is Wonderful

Have you ever thought of God as a worker? Because that's what He is: God made the world and keeps it going (Psalm 145). We humans are to work too – not alone, but with and for God as His managers (Genesis 1:28). He tells us to be creative like He is, and to add value. Whic...
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