Some people feel that an essential part of the New Year is to set new resolutions or goals. Often these goals are related to health, fitness, or other self-improvement....
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Economic issues rank high on the agenda for much of the world today. For good or ill, commercial priorities and the behavior of business leaders are shaping global events, in some notable cases far beyond the capacity of traditional centers of influence, such as governments,...
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GSI is co-leading a Business-as-Mission Missions Agency Workgroup. In conjunction with this, Heather recently attended a conference organized by our partner BAM Global Network. Here are her observations and insights:...
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"Revelation-Based" Planning

Some Christians believe there is no need to plan. If it is God's will, the doors will open, resources will fall into place, and everything will work out perfectly. But in the Bible, God makes plans and so do God's people....
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Work is Wonderful

Have you ever thought of God as a worker? Because that's what He is: God made the world and keeps it going (Psalm 145). We humans are to work too – not alone, but with and for God as His managers (Genesis 1:28). He tells us to be creative like He is, and to add value. Whic...
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Part 8 of 8: Confidence

March 18, 2016
"It's not about the money, money, money". Thus spake pop vixen Jesse J a few years back. From the mouths of babes comes wisdom? Of course she also sang "Ain't about the (uh) ch-ch-ching ch-ching, ain't about the (yeah) bl-bling-bl-bling" in the same song, so forgive me if ...
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Our Relationship Between Mission and Eschatology (Part II)

"It should come as no surprise that the recovery of the eschatological dimension is manifested particularly clearly in missionary circles. From the very beginning of the Christian church, there appeared to have been a peculiar affinity between the missionary enterprise and...
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Part 3: Missional Urgency

January 25, 2016

Three Factors in the Church That Affect Our Missional Urgency

The Church is a living organism and, as such, it grows, changes, and goes through phases. It also suffers from viral infections. There are a number of beliefs present in various parts of the Body of Christ that cause damage to their host. Such beliefs can cause more damage t...
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