Generator, Near East


In a community with limited and unreliable power supply, the OM Team have purchased a generator with the aim of supplying families with additional electricity and making a profit to subsidise members of the team to spend more time ministering to neighbouring communities.

The tough economic climate in this part of the world means it's difficult to get by working less than 50 hours a week. This has made it difficult for our ministry workers to meet the tremendous ministry opportunities whilst needing to work to support their families.

Project Overview

The team spotted a business opportunity as the government supply of electricity is minimal and small companies supplying electricity privately are in high demand.

The local community is only provided with one hour of electricity a day so small private companies are starting to sell electricity for up to 12 hours per day. The service is in high demand and many families are turned away. Therefore the OM team decided to set up a business supplying electricity to local families. A second-hand generator was purchased, refurbished, and put to the task. So far, demand has been strong, and the business is already bringing in good income.


  • The income helps to support one church worker in full-time ministry, while subsidizing several others to allow them to reduce their working hours and do more ministry
  • A further five people who would struggle to find employment elsewhere will be employed by the church
  • Political turmoil has caused extreme financial difficulty in this area and a large percentage of the population can no longer provide financially for its own medical needs. Most of the rest of the profits fund the believers' medical ministry in which they supply funds for medical bills, supplies and medicine to the wider community

At A Glance

  • Around 225 families receive electricity who would otherwise not be able to access any
  • The church has seen its numbers grow from 15 to more than 200 over the last two years
  • In under a year, the project is already generating around $800 in profits every week


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