Harvester, Moldova


The Harvester Project in Moldova involves leasing out two OM-owned harvesting machines to farmers to assist with crop harvesting. Profits from the project enable Moldovan missionaries to be sent to neighbouring, less-reached countries.

OM Moldova has a vision to build the church in Moldova and to equip Moldovan Christians to reach the unreached in neighbouring countries, countries whose culture and language they understand and where most Moldovans do not need a visa to travel.

Country Facts

  • Only 1% of Moldovans are evangelical Christians
  • Moldova is an agricultural-based economy with four main crops: sunflowers, corn, wheat and rape seed and a six month-long harvest season from June to December

Future Goals

  • Supply seven more Moldovans with jobs
  • In the next few years, the vision is to plant three churches in Central Moldova; a place with no Gospel witness

Project Overview and Outcomes

As a farm-based economy, procuring a harvester was a natural choice for a sustainable business model. OM Moldova has gained valuable experience and first-hand expertise harvesting the country's four main crops, enabling them to prove that the project is viable and sustainable. GSI funded the procurement of a second harvester leading to greater yields and profits for OM Moldova.

With a harsh economic climate and the limited financial assistance of evangelical churches, subsidising local missionaries is key to spreading the Gospel. Additionally, those attending the 10-week mission-training programme will be helped financially.

Over the next 10 years, OM Moldova hopes to increase its Harvester portfolio to four harvesters in order to completely fund the training programme, subsidise 64 more missionaries and plant three churches.

At A Glance

  • 16 Moldovan missionaries are reaching the unreached as a direct result of this project
  • 56 Moldovans are being trained in mission through a 10-week programme
  • 25-35% of each Moldovan missionary's monthly financial needs can be met through profits from the harvest. One missionary is already serving in Cambodia as a result of the harvester
  • Moldovans attending the 10-week 'Challenge Into Missions' programme have been subsidised

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