The Global South Initiative of OM was launched in July 2013. 

After eight years of innovation - reviewing existing structures, exploring new ideas, developing global south leaders, facilitating financial sustainability initiatives, tracking results and networking - GSI has wound down in 2022. From January 2022 there will be no more new initiatives, though we will continue to monitor and evaluate past projects.

What used to be novel interventions are now, rightly, embedded into the organization's systems and practices. We continue to review our systems and practices in order to shape a future that includes the global south church. The leadership development work of OM has woven into its ethos global south inclusiveness and empowerment. OM is focusing on the mobilization of near culture and global south workers, and we are open to new mission sending models. And we continue to encourage financial sustainability solutions such as business-as-mission and vocation-as-mission as integral components of our overall mission strategy.

By December 2021, GSI had funded and coached more than 50 small businesses run by OM-ers in Africa Area. From January 2022, this loan program has been handed over to OM Africa Area; a global south solution owned by the global south itself. For more information about this ongoing program, please refer to the Apply page on this website


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