Our Vision

is to see the missional potential of the global south church released among the least reached.

What We Do

We partner with OM Fields to:

  1. Provide consultancy and research services to help develop mobilisation, training, recruiting and sending strategies
  2. Innovate new mission sending models
  3. Support training on financial sustainability
  4. Help fields identify and develop internal capacity for performing core functions (e.g., admin, finance, HR)
  5. Support and fund (e.g., business-as-mission, vocational qualification, training) 
  6. Evaluate work and curate learning
  7. Facilitate networking and sharing of resources within OM and the larger mission and church networks

Our Desired Outcomes

  • Acceleration of global south mindset change from receivers to senders, and theological grounding of work as worship
  • Exponential increase in global south financial support of missions
  • Thousands of global south missionaries sent to the least reached, self-supported or supported by the global south church in full or in part
  • Global south thought leadership about missions

GSI's Beginnings

The Global South Initiative of OM was launched in July 2013. GSI started by tackling:

  1. Financial sustainability for global south fields and missionaries
  2. Leadership development for OM's leaders and global south emerging leaders
  3. Reviewing OM's structures and culture; making adjustments to better serve the global south church.

From 2016, Leadership Development and Organisational Review have been taken forward by OM's international leadership. GSI is now focusing on financial sustainability, capacity building, and related issues.


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