How a Business can be Missional

What does it really mean for our businesses to be "missional"? Obviously, it's not going to be missional just because it is run by misisonaries! A missional business must be different from non-missional businesses. But, how? Here, we offer you a practical check-list of "How a Business can be Missional". (The suggestions are not in order of priority.)
Basic Requirements for Kingdom Impact
  • Be praying for all aspects of your business
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Keep promises and agreements
  • Be fair
  • Be kind, compassionate
  • Obey the law
  • Respect everyone
  • Commit to excellence
  • Maintain a good reputation
  • Be accountable
  • Be joyful
  • Pay a living wage – enough to support a family and provide basic medical coverage
  • Pay wages and bonuses on time
  • Create a mentorship, training and promotion program
  • Allow employees to train and mentor others
  • Measure and track employee morale
  • Begin each day with communal prayer and devotional time
  • Pray before every meeting
  • Use Bible-based character development programs
  • Invite employees to know your family by inviting them into your home
  • Meet weekly/bi-weekly with employees to ask about their personal lives
  • Pray for their needs
  • Share scripture that speaks to their needs
  • Regularly remind employees of the company values
  • Visit sick or injured employees and their families
  • Give Bibles as gifts
  • Share business problems and challenges with employees and ask for help and prayer
  • Have quarterly (paid) outreach days where employees (and their families) join the business in taking care of the poor and marginalized
  • Deal with issues biblically, balancing grace and wisdom and explain the process and the biblical basis of the process
  • Confess and ask for forgiveness before the other person
  • Clearly post job requirements and expectations, remind employees on a regular basis. Have clear job descriptions, where appropriate
  • Hire with transparency and always select the most qualified and best fit employee
  • Never accept bribes or special favors
  • Create a prayer room for employees to pray and seek God
  • Have weekly bible studies where employees lead
  • Invite employees to come to government or other difficult meetings to model a Christian response to problems
  • Allow employees to see the Christian decision-making process and mentor them to make correct decisions
  • Turn your office into a "safe house" where employees can come share their burdens
  • Offer to help mediate family issues employees are having
  • Share bible stories, new revelation, testimony and how God is challenging you on a weekly basis
  • Review employee morale with employees on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is physically and spiritually healthy
  • Display statements of faith and business practices in the public areas of your business
  • Include paragraphs about aligning to Biblical values in employment and business contracts
  • Publicly take care of the poor and marginalized
  • Join Christian business organizations (if available)
  • Find a spiritual and business mentor (often not the same person)
  • Make sure the business is profitable and sustainable
  • Don't put the business above your family or spiritual walk
  • Customers
  • Offer quality products at market prices
  • Never cheat or lie to customers
  • Respect all customers regardless of background, gender or religion
  • Take time to meet and listen to your customers over coffee or tea
  • When you hear of customers' needs, stop and offer to pray for them
  • Have Bible stories ready which resonate with culture and felt needs
  • Create and track monthly targets for building relationships and sharing the Gospel
  • Have monthly events for customers providing Biblical character training
  • Host parties for local and Christian events
  • Invite customers to join your efforts to help the poor and marginalized
  • Visit sick and injured customers
  • Give Bibles and other quality Christian reading materials as gifts
  • Invite customer's family to your house for dinner
  • Stop and pray before all meetings
  • Share your life and your prayer needs with customers
  • Pray with irritated or angry customers
  • Use Biblical peacemaking process for dealing with troublesome customers and explain the biblical basis of the process
  • Don't lose your temper or engage in business when angry
  • Confess and ask for forgiveness
  • Never disparage or speak ill of other businesses, government or anyone else
  • As customers show interest, offer to read the scriptures together
  • Host bible training events for customers in conjunction with the local church
  • Pay suppliers on time, or if possible before the deadline for the credit period
  • Apply any of the tips above for relating to customers
  • Pay all taxes and fees required to run a business
  • Don't pay bribes that subvert justice
  • Include government officials in training and business celebrations
  • Don't be afraid to share your faith with government officials
  • Apply any of the ideas for customers for government officials

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