How to generate wealth to bless others?

This is the true story of "Lee", a businessman who has planted tens of churches in Asia. Lee became a Christian and felt prompted to move to Asia and start a small business to reach the lost and bring them to faith. Because of his Christian values, Lee's company became known as the highest quality supplier in the world and the business began to grow and he became wealthy.

During this time hundreds of employees have come to faith, many disabled and other marginalized people have been trained and employed in his offices, and his business has found favor with government officials. When asked why he has been so fruitful he answered with two words: stewardship and balance.


From the beginning Lee felt he was a steward of everything God has provided - even when he was poor and had almost nothing to give. He doesn't believe people have the right to own titles or positions, people or relationships, or money or things.

Each morning Lee asks God "Do you still want me to steward x, y, and z?" One morning God answered by telling Lee to give one of the offices he owned to an employee. Lee had invested years of time and money into that business and he walked away without a single cent (in fact Lee paid for the legal transfer costs). But he left the office joyful that God had seen fit to bless someone else. Lee pointed out that without a stewardship mentality it is hard to be generous and willing to serve others. He only hires leaders who see themselves as stewards, who use God's gifts and their hard work to bless others.


From the beginning Lee set goals and evaluated his business in a balanced way. He didn't just focus on profits, or just on the welfare of his employees, or just on the number of people being discipled. In some situations he had to take hard decisions, like closing an unprofitable office, and he found having a balanced view of profits, people, and serving God's purpose allowed him to make the best decisions. He realized all the criteria were necessary for the business to continue and be fruitful.

On a personal level, Lee found it hard to handle all the work of running a business, taking care of employees, discipling people into the Kingdom, caring for his family, and meeting his own spiritual needs. He realized he also needed balance and so he hired capable and qualified believers to help carry the load.

Dependence on God

Lee mentioned that stewardship and balance both flow from a dependence on God for direction and having enough character to implement the solutions God has provided. We fear that leaders will become too powerful or business people too rich, but if they follow God's direction, develop Christ-like character and never forget who owns the fruit, it seems they are in a wonderful position to share the blessings with others.

"He found having a balanced view of profits, people, and serving God's purpose allowed him to make the best decisions"


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