Language Learning as Business

Language learning is a big part of mission life. Many mission workers have spent many months sitting in language school classrooms, and mission centres have a lot of experience helping people learn language.

With a focus on commercial viability and sound business practices, helping people learn languages could be a viable business.

In El Salvador, OM has launched a Language School with GSI's help. There is high demand for English acquisition in El Salvador, not least because English proficiency can open the door to a good job with a call centre. 

OM El Salvador has English classes running, as well as a popular free Conversation Club where students get the opportunity to practice speaking English with foreigners. The school uses tested methodology (which doesn't use books) as well as an online platform.

Meeting a Need

Language learning, particularly English learning, is a growing global need that many people everywhere are prepared to pay for. The business could potentially contribute real value to society, up-skilling and blessing learners. Also, language learning is best done in conversation and in community, and this could create many opportunities to build relationships and touch people's lives.

"Although I have just started learning English, I have felt that I have learned. OM is the right place to learn English. Apart from having Christian values, they have trained teachers" - Estevana, a student


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