Monitoring and Evaluation

Aims of GSI M&E

  1. Promote learning by OM-ers, GSI, and the wider mission world
  2. Encourage and help OM-ers be fruitful
  3. Track outcomes to know how we are doing, and why

Principles and Practices


  • Information, advice and opinions to be freely shared between OM-ers and GSI in the spirit of learning and encouragement


  • The process should be do-able for global south OM-ers. Fluent English, strong writing or computer skills will not be a requirement


  • The M&E process, timing, and questions asked shall be tailored for each initiative to be most appropriate and useful for learning and accountability

Focused on Objectives or “Expected Outcomes”

The GSI M&E Process

  1. Agree Expected Outcomes
    At the start, GSI and the project managers shall discuss and agree the Expected Outcomes.
  2. Agree Process
    GSI and the OM-ers shall also discuss and agree timing (how often, when, and for how long) and the questions the M&E process will generally involve.
  3. Regular Contact
    GSI will regularly contact the OM-ers to have conversations about the project. The conversations will be about the Expected Outcomes, how the project is doing, and learning from what is going well and what not so well.
  4. Ways of Communication
    OM-ers will have many options for how best to communicate with GSI, for example completing GSI's Report Form, writing your own report, answering GSI's questions over email, talking with GSI over Skype, sending photographs and copies of documents, and sending newsletters to GSI.
    Project managers should also take the initiative to let GSI know how projects are doing, if there is any news, development or stories to share.
  5. Small Businesses can expect frequent communication with GSI for coaching and encouragement.
    For instance, GSI may ask Small Businesses to send over copies of their weekly cash flow records every month (e.g., over WhatsApp).

GSI hopes that OM-ers who work with GSI:

  1. Are committed to learning and always try to do better:
    Freely share about the project, as well as your reflections and learnings.
    Be open to being coached and receiving feedback.
  2. Communicate freely:
    Feel free to contact GSI whenever you need help.
    Respond when contacted by GSI for information and updates.
    If you have agreed to provide regular updates, please try to do so promptly.  
  3. Maintain records:
    Keep records that enable you to understand how the project is doing, e.g., financial records, what opportunities for Gospel conversations you have had, or whether learning outcomes are achieved. 

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