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OM Pakistan have recognised the need to bring insight from international training opportunities, back to the local context. They want to develop Christian leaders who can set an example in training and passing on the leadership responsibilities to future generations in Pakistan.

The team realised when their first national leader left, there was no succession plan. Since then they have decided to develop a pool of three to four possible candidates to succeed the current Field Leader, when the time comes. In addition, the leadership team sees the need to develop more team and department leaders in maturity and initiative in order to take on more responsibility.

Sustainable Leadership

There is now a team of seven mentors/trainers who will be accountable to three core facilitators. The group will oversee and lead a two-year leadership development programme, involving both formal and informal learning opportunities. 28 participants are to take part.

Teaching will be a mix of classroom teaching, one-to-one mentoring sessions, small group accountability as well as time to reflect.

Five separate teaching events will take place, all lasting a week. In between events, participants will have reading material and assignments to complete.

Material is aimed to develop leaders who exhibit Biblical values in their life, demonstrate servanthood and are adaptable to new situations and flexible in their approach.

Participants (two thirds are current OM Pakistan staff) will also be trained in managerial and communication skills, vital for effective leadership.


  • Pakistan has a population of 180 million
  • 95% are Muslims
  • 2-3% are Christian but the church is largely nominal, illiterate and poor

The heart of OM Pakistan is to train and equip the next generation of Christians to be bold and courageous in witnessing about their faith and live as disciples of Christ in a non-Christian environment.

Why GSI?

When realising funding and help was available to build a leadership development strategy, the OM Pakistan team decided to invest in their future leaders. Previous efforts had been sporadic and often event-orientated and lacked intentional follow-up and accountability.

OM Pakistan have a great pool of potential leaders but many of them need external stimulation to actively grow. The leadership would like to see mature leaders in OM Pakistan at every level of leadership ranging from successors for the field leader to people who lead their city team effectively.

A Proven Model

This model – of having a comprehensive leadership development strategy for a whole field, which is driven by a small team with the assistance of experienced facilitators – has worked well and should also work for other Global South contexts

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