Rick Iles
Rick Iles

NEW Project Team Member

Rick Iles has a background in auto mechanics, joining OM in 1990 serving as a mechanic. He then went into book distribution and by 1995 was leading the distribution network for Central Eastern Europe and beyond, working with 21 languages. Alongside this he has furthered his education with training in publishing, marketing, sales, distribution and management.

In 2005 Rick established his own NPO bringing training to business leaders in Central Eastern Europe in order to see key people staying in their home countries whilst receiving training to establish their own businesses. Rick has been part of the leadership for Business 4 Transformation (B4T) for the past three years.

Rick's main focus will be consulting/coaching along with helping develop turn-key business ideas. He will be coming alongside our Global South fields and members helping them look at financially sustainable, income-generating projects and assisting individual bi-vocational missionaries to become self-sustainable. All this is to see many more workers go out to the least-reached areas in order to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers across the Global South.

Rick and his wife Annemarie have two daughters and a son and are currently based in New Zealand.

GSI 2.0

Future GSI projects will now focus exclusively on financial sustainability projects and develop tools and expertise to support these at both field and individual missionary level.

Leadership development and OM structural change will continue to be championed at a global leadership level.

Why the change and what does GSI 2.0 look like? Read our one-page overview plus FAQs and find out (click on the button, right, to download) and our Broiler Chicken example to see what a turn-key business looks like.

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